Why every successful blogger must learn Copywriting

The Fellowship of the Ring

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What is the primary purpose of any piece of writing that you put out online — whether a blog post, a networking email, a sales letter or a tutorial?
For starters, to get what you’ve written read, right? (Brian Clark, Copyblogger)

All writing follows a similar format. It is to lure the reader into the story, the information or call to action. And it is more important with blogging and copywriting because of the amount of distractions available to internet readers.  Bloggers, like copywriters needs more than commitment to reading, they need a call to action.

Why Tolkien would suck at blogging

Imagine J.R.R. Tolkien lived today and he published Lord of the Rings on his blog. Think it would be an instant hit? Think it would be a cult classic? Would you have the patience to scroll through miles of virtual descriptive passages about Tom Bombadil’s forest songs, or mythical kingdoms in Elvish? Or would you click the link to “10 instant tips bring your girlfriend to instant climax” ?

Lord of the Rings – and any book you have in your hand dominates your attention. Usually you read when relaxed or in bed and have the time to focus on the book in hand. This is an ideal situation, and one not often found for online reading. On the internet even the most minimal blogs such as Zen Habits discuss decluttering and advocate less distraction. Yet even Leo’s posts still contain links to other blogs on minimalism with another 100 blog posts on writing, frugality, simplicity while linking out to other sites on blogging, business and web design…!  Information overloaded much?

Why good Copywriters with crap content get better results than you!

If you want your posts to be read your writing has to overpower the links in your post, ads in your sidebar and every other clickable element on the page. Your writing must pull the reader deeply into your content and make them feel like they have struck gold with your wisdom. Your content is the goldmine. Good Copy is the trail of nuggets leading them towards it.

Without a good understanding of Copywriting you are trying to lead your reader to the goldmine by leaving them a trail of rocks and dirt. All while better Copywriters could leading them with nuggets of golden Copy towards mines of coal and scrag. These readers will still subscibe. Because they have still found golden nuggets haven’t they. Your goldmine lies undiscovered because they never got as far as your content.

Which brings us to the point…
You must be good at everything

A successful blogger doesn’t just want to be read. He doesn’t have a million copies of his book being sold in Waterstones. A blogger is part writer, part marketer, part social media strategist, part mentally unstable. To be read you need traffic. To get traffic you need to be subscribed to, shared, liked, tweeted, linked to. That will only happen if your content is read. And that will only happen if you lure your reader towards it.

The best way of getting regular traffic is through an email list. Relying solely on SEO is gambling with your content. To have an ongoing traffic strategy you must employ either email blogging, social media or both. That means having a clear call to action - that means to have your content read – which means to learn basic Copywriting.

Here’s a link to a brilliant introduction to the essentials of Copywriting.  And here’s a link to a free guide from a Copywriter and blogger who knows what he’s doing.

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